As we gather around the table, we sit together with the understanding that everyone has their own story. Grace, mercy and forgiveness are shared. Both tears and laughter are welcomed. Come as you are and when you leave we pray that you will know the depth of your Father’s love for you.

come as you are.

- At this table, IDINA MENZEL

“At this table, everyone is welcome,
At this table, everyone is seen,
At this table, everybody matters,
No one falls between.

So come as you are,
Remember that the door is always open,
Yes, come as you are.

The perfect gift that you can bring is
your heart so, come, come as you are."


Around the table

There's nothing like good food and good people, so we do a lot of life together around the table. There's a seat for everyone.

You'll find your new bffs:

Deep friendships are in store.

From traveling together to shooting weddings, to being bridemaids in each other's weddings, there's something really special about Delight friendships.


Hugs are how we roll.

As Momma Wall always says, "there's no handshakes in heaven." and we believe it, so prepare for all the hugs. It's just how we roll!

What I ended up with was so much more than that. In such a short amount of time, we became a family that was willing to do anything for one another! Yes, I learned so much more about who I am as a photographer, but I learned so much more about who I am in God!

I went to Washington not expecting anything, other then to meet a couple new friends and learn something new about my camera. 

Mikaila, New York


Delight’s Photography group has literally made my entire business what it is today. When I first joined Delight & Be, I had a wish to be a photographer that I never thought I would be good enough to pursue. Being inspired by all of the talent in the group, along with the encouragement, advice and inspiration, I started my own photography business. I am now one year in and have already seen immense growth in my work.

Courtney, Illinois


I literally would not have a business without the amazing community of Delight & Be.

When I first joined Delight, it was an awesome place to connect with like-minded girls, but over the years, it has turned into so much more than that. It's late night heart-to-hearts over ice cream on the floor, it's dance parties, it's pushing yourself creatively, it's friends that you know are the ones are going to stick around for the long run. I could never say thank you enough!

Elizabeth, California 


The biggest things Delight has given me is a stronger walk with my Creator and the best of friends that I may not have met otherwise.


Ready to be apart of the sisterhood?


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